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Stop & Think

At GenMec ACL we have a workforce dedicated to making safety and quality a way of life. Our safety program is continually evolving with the changing times and environments that we work in. As an ACSA member and holding our COR certification, the GenMec ACL team is dedicated to working together on every project to ensure that quality work is done with safety as the number one consideration. GenMec ACL is a member of ISN, Comply Works, and PICS and is CWB and ABSA certified and has implemented quality control systems to ensure that customer satisfaction is never jeopardized and a seamless project from beginning to end.

Over the years, GenMec ACL has earned a stellar reputation for their commercial, industrial and institutional work. And while the architecture, tools and technology have changed along the way, one thing has remained constant: the company’s core values.

GenMec ACL puts safety as a top priority for the company and its employees. Take care of yourself, your neighbor and your work site is something we truly believe in. Our number one goal is to ensure no one gets hurt and everyone goes home at the end of the shift incident and injury free. Our core safety value is that “we believe all injuries are preventable and quality is our commitment to you.” This safety culture allows insurance and WCB to provide us with low rates that we can pass on in our services to the owner. It also gives us an edge by attracting employees who want to work for a company that cares about their safety.

We do rely on third party contractors to provide specialized resources on many of our projects, but that expertise never compromises safety. A comprehensive safety snapshot is established with each contractor prior to starting work on any of our projects. Our health and safety officers spend time with sub trades and employees on risk mitigation and potential hazards in the job to ensure compliance with our safety program and OH&S legislation. Each project has a master JSA that is maintained and evolves as the project progresses. Efforts are made to establish positive leading indicators and insuring that this information is passed on to the employees. Through various reporting methods, we track and trend leading indicators and communicate this data to the sites.

This review provides all third party contractors with the necessary tools and information to work safely, in unison, on all our projects. GenMec ACL’s safety commitment extends beyond its employees. Everyone associated with the company, whether an employee from another firm or a child playing at a park next to one of our job sites, deserves piece of mind knowing that they are in good hands.