The history behind the reputation

65+ years of building excellence

GenMec ACL’s relationship with northeast Alberta dates back more than 65 years and features some of the region’s greatest construction landmarks. And while the architecture, tools and technology have changed along the way, one thing has remained constant: the company’s core values of quality, integrity and community.

Brick by Brick: Our story


65+ year history of building in the Lakeland.

Bonnyville carpenter Valere Roy started modestly with general carpentry and small residential projects; Valere’s Construction grew quickly with the needs of the community.


Local framework.

By 1975 Valere’s Construction was the premiere general contractor in the region. Tackling massive, multi-discipline projects such as water and sewer infrastructure at 4 Wing Cold Lake and the behemoth Bonnyville Provincial Building that you still see showcased on Main Street today.


The established Roy name.

Valere sold the general contracting and mechanical divisions to his younger brother Clermont, who aptly changed the company name to Gen-Mec Construction.


Alliance Construction is born.

Maurice Mercier, who worked for Gen-Mec in the early 1980s, branched out on his own in 1984 to head the successful firm Alliance Construction that continued to build up the Lakeland whilst pondering future growth.


Family succession.

Following in his uncle’s and father’s footsteps, Clermont’s son, Reg Roy, joined the family business full-time on his way to ownership.


Two successful companies combine.

Reg took over the family business that his uncle and father had built over the previous 50 years.

In the fall of this year both successful firms were pondering future growth. Maurice with Alliance Construction and Reg with GenMec, realized the potential to bid on more projects – and larger ones – as one entity. They struck a merger in December and GenMec ACL was born.

Their first job? The Bonnyville & District Centennial Centre; a state-of-the-art $23 million multi-use recreation facility.


More projects to come.

The company continues to grow and has earned a stellar reputation for their commercial, industrial, and institutional work, partnering with virtually every major company or public owner in the Lakeland.

Bonnyville 1950
Two Companies Combine
Holiday Inn Express Cold Lake

The community behind the company

We owe everything to Northeast Alberta

GenMec ACL owes everything it has to northeast Alberta. The company was founded here, has grown and prospered here. Our employees live here. As such, we strive to be an integral part of the community with our charitable givings. As well, we proudly supports various sports organizations, teams and community groups that promote healthy living.

Just A Few of our Proud Partners


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